The return of this mobile manufacturing company from China to India, could be huge employment


BanglaHunt Desk: Indian mobile manufacturer Lava is about to return to India from China. They are going to invest Rs 600 crore in India in the next five years. Due to which there will be huge employment opportunities in India.

In general, the appropriate industrial construction environment in China encourages various companies to invest in China. But companies have lost that enthusiasm due to China's indifference to the Corona situation. Apple has already announced that it is investing in India. This time another mobile manufacturer Lava followed that path.

In the next six months, Lava will bring mobile research and development, design and production from China to India. The agency said on Saturday that Indian mobile phone makers had taken the step after receiving higher spending benefits from China in the Production Linked Incentive Scheme (PLI) announced by the government last month. “We look forward to moving our mobile research and development, design and manufacturing from China to India,” they said. ”

Incidentally, Lava exports more than thirty-three percent of its mobile phones to markets such as Mexico, Africa, Southeast Asia and West Asia. Lava started work on its manufacturing plant in Noida last week with a production capacity of more than 20 per cent.

“Along with productive stimulus, our production capacity will be adequately met for the global market, so we are planning this change,” said Hariom Rai, chairman and managing director of Lava.