The rich have to pay taxes to help the poor during Corona, this country has made a big decision

Bengali Hunt Desk: Like India, most countries had lockdowns at the start of the Corona epidemic. That is why many people have become unemployed. The condition of the poor has worsened. In the midst of all this, the Argentine administration took a big decision to help the poor. From now on, the rich people there will have to pay extra taxes.

According to BCC sources, the government of that country has issued new rules, from now on those whose assets amount to more than Tk 18.7 crore will have to pay additional tax. There are more than 12,000 such people in Argentina. The new law was passed in the country's Senate on Friday. The government has taken this decision to increase the income of the government.


According to the new bill, rich people will have to pay extra tax once a year. Carlos Casario, a member of parliament, said the Corona epidemic had killed many people in the country. The economy has suffered a lot. The country has ended a 'war'. Under the new law, the rich will have to pay one to three percent tax on their property once a year. And if a rich person keeps money abroad, he will have to pay 50 percent tax as a surcharge.


A total of 4.5 million people live in Argentina. Already 14.5 lakh people have been affected by Corona, 39,000 people have died. However, the situation in Corona is slowly improving.