The sacked minister of the Yogi government opened the front and will hold a meeting against the policy of the government


BanglaHunt Desk: Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi tweeted, “If the railway ministry can donate Tk 151 crore to the Centre's Corona Fund, why aren't identity workers reducing ticket prices?” Meanwhile, the opposition is raising one issue after another.

The central government has allowed migrant workers to return to the state and has also arranged for trains. But in the midst of all this noise, the people of the opposition party are angry about the state. They said that the Chief Minister of West Bengal was not interested in returning the migrants. Again, Adhir Chowdhury said in a video message, “I am complaining against the Chief Minister of West Bengal, he is not a proper initiative to return the migrants.”

In the case of repatriation of migrants, the West Bengal government will provide as many trains as it wants, along with a 75% subsidy on the cost of tickets, said Railway Minister Piyush Goel. For now, I have talked to Adhir Chowdhury on the phone. The West Bengal government wanted two trains. And from that one will leave from Kerala, and another from Azam Sharif. But millions of people are stuck, wondering how they will get back on the two trains.

The number of corona infections in the world has now exceeded 34 lakh 70 thousand, and the number of deaths in corona is increasing day by day.