The saint is sacrificing to chase Karona, reciting the mantra ‘Om Karona Karona করো Bhag Bhag’ Viral video


Banglahant Desk: Viral videos of various types of wailing have been seen on social media in Corona. Netpara has been flooded with emotions after watching those videos, and sometimes the netizens have been overwhelmed with tears. But at the moment, netizens are laughing after watching a viral video about Corona.

In the Corona atmosphere, people are looking for ways to get rid of Corona in many ways. On the one hand, just as the medical personnel are engaged in the service of patients day and night, on the other hand, the government has been taking various steps to protect the citizens.

However, from the first to the second episode of Corona, various kinds of superstitions and superstitions have come up on social media. Union Minister Ramdas Atawal once chanted the slogan ‘Go Corona Go’, while BJP state president Dilip Ghosh advised BJP leader Sadhi Pragya to drive out Corona by drinking cow urine. This is not the end, one of the leaders also decided to chase Karona by eating Bhaviji Panpar. Meanwhile, in the village of Kamatchipuram, not far from Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu, the temple was built and the goddess Corona was worshiped for 48 consecutive hours by the temple priests and temple officials.

In the meantime, a video of Corona being chased has gone viral on social media at the moment, which made netizens laugh again. The viral video shows a saint trying to drive away Corona through a yajna. There are several more. But none of them have a mask on their face. He is chanting the mantra- ‘Om karona karona… bhag bhag bhag swaha!’ This video went viral as soon as it was shared on Netdunia.