The saint-monk went to Latur in Maharashtra in the same place! Sleep administration


Bangla Hunt Desk: Due to the lockdown, many people in the country have been trapped wherever they were. State governments are taking various steps for them so that the coronavirus does not spread. In some states, people are being provided food to eat while others are being sent from some states to their own homes. A similar image can be found in Latur district of Maharashtra. There are about 8 people trapped in Rathoda village, who were trapped due to lockdown. Jadavbari is located in Pune district.

All those who are being sent to Yadavarri, came to Rathoda village to participate in the Satsang ceremony of Mahanubhav. Let me tell you, we have been having satsang there since February. The lockdown was announced at the time the satsang was going on and they were stuck there. Four to five days ago, it rained heavily and the pavilion of Satsang collapsed. Eating also gets worse. Because of this, the great saints have to take shelter in temples and schools to bow their heads.

In view of their situation, the administration has allowed them to be sent on private buses to their villages. To send them, 22 passengers are being sent to their village in Pune with a seat on the bus. There are currently 12 buses available.

It will take three days to send all the saints to these buses. The administration kept a close watch on all the saints who participated in this event. They have been allowed to return to their villages only after being examined.

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