The second picture on the big screen is also a super hit, Madhumita came to see her picture with real life sweet mother


BanglaHunt Desk: Actress Madhumita Sarkar is shaking social media in one bold avatar after another. Madhumita has undergone a dramatic change to leave the series and enter the big screen. You will no longer find that old bird in his midst. This new honeymoon is more gorgeous, more bold.

Many people know that Madhumita is very active on social media. Fans are always sharing new pictures or videos. Madhumita's fan following on Instagram has crossed 10 lakh.

The difference between this honeycomb and that old bird of the serial is obvious. As her acting skills have increased from before, her beauty has also increased, the actress has become more bold.

Madhumita's new film 'Chini' has just been released on December 25. This picture is made with the tension of mother-daughter relationship. This is Madhumita's second picture on the big screen. Opposite him is Aparajita Adhy. This time Madhumita appeared in the cinema hall with her real life mother to see the success of her film.

He has shared some pictures with his mother at Housefull Cinema Hall. Wrote in the caption, ‘My real life sweet sugar with mom. Thank you for making our Christmas so good. 'These sweet pictures of Madhumita are now going viral on social media.

Incidentally, it is recently known that the magic of the old forest bird pair is returning to the big screen. On behalf of svf, it has been informed that Yash Madhumita is going to appear on the celluloid screen this time. However, the name of their picture or any other news has not been made public yet. Even Yash or Madhumita has not opened her mouth about this yet. However, the enthusiasm of the fans has not waned yet.