The serpent definitely takes revenge for the death of the serpent! Know how true this thing is


नाग की मौत का बदला जरूर लेती है नागिन! जानिए कितनी सच है ये बात

Snake Myths: People in India generally think that if a person kills a snake, then the snake definitely follows that person to avenge his death, but do you know that in this How true is it?

The serpent definitely takes revenge for the death of the serpent!

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Snake Myths: Snakes are one of the most dangerous creatures of this world, from which it is good to stay away, otherwise it becomes difficult to escape from their poison. Although the good news is that all Snake Are not poisonous. Reports say that more than 2 thousand species of snakes are found in the world, but only a few of them are species in which poison is found. in venomous snakes King Cobra, Krait and Black Mamba etc. found in india snake It is also very dangerous. Today we are going to tell you the truth of a myth related to this snake, which is very common and most of the people believe that myth to be true.

You must have seen the film ‘Naagin’ which came in the year 1976. If you remember the story of the film, then it is shown that some people make the mistake of killing the snake, after that the snake takes revenge on them for the death of the snake and tries to kill everyone one by one. I get involved. This film was the biggest hit of that time, which people still like to watch.

Actually, many people in India still believe that it is absolutely true that if someone kills a cobra, the cobra definitely comes to take revenge from him, but do you know how much truth is there in this?

What is the truth?

Experts say that there is no truth in the fact that the serpent takes revenge for the death of the serpent. Actually, their memory is not as sharp as humans, nor are these creatures in any social bond to follow someone to avenge their death. This is just an illusion, which has become home in people’s mind because of watching movies.

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