The shoes are worn out! Migrant workers tied water bottles on their feet and left for home


Bengali Hunt Desk: Pictures of migrant workers are now frequently circulating on social media due to the outbreak and lockdown of the coronavirus. Migrant workers from different states of the country including Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab are trying to return home after walking thousands of km. And such a picture has come to the fore from Ambala in Haryana. Where a laborer escaped from Punjab and reached Ambala without shoes. The workers tied the water bottle on their feet and made it like slippers and proceeded towards their destination.

It is to be noted that even after the lockdown, a large number of workers left Punjab for Haryana. Where most workers do not even have a lockdown pass. And that's why the Ambala police stopped them on the National Highway and sent them back. Fear of being beaten by the police spread panic among the workers, and they lost their shoes as they ran. And some people's shoes wear out as they walk. But still they did not give up, they continue to move towards their goal.

But in the scorching sun their feet burn. It seemed impossible for the workers to return home without shoes. And then intelligence comes to their heads. And they tied the water bottle to their feet and made slippers and moved towards their goal.

In the meanwhile, the attention of Ambala MLA Asim MLA fell on these workers. He bought them new slippers. The MLA then appealed to the Punjab police to allow them to go home. And for this he also talked to the police officers. For the workers returning home on foot, the MLA provided not only shoes but also food.