The sister of these 5 Bollywood actresses who look exactly the same, you too can be deceived


It is said that there are 6 people with the same face in the world. But in most cases they are not seen face to face. Because they are scattered in different parts of the world Again, the two sisters are so similar in appearance even though they are not twins that it is difficult to tell the difference easily. There are 5 actresses in Bollywood whose sisters look exactly like them.

Land Pendenkar and Samodhi Pendenkar

The heroine of multiple superhit films in Bollywood, Bhumi Pednekar and her sister Samodhi Pednekar look exactly the same. There is no way to differentiate between Bhumi and her sister's pictures on Instagram. Very stylish like Samodhi Bhumi but he wants to build a career in law, not in Bollywood. He is currently studying law.

Tapsi Pannu and Shagun Pannu

Tapsi Pannu, who has played one challenging character after another, is a well-known name in Bollywood. You will be surprised to know that Tapasi's sister looks exactly like Tapsi. His sister's name is Shagun Pannu. Shagun has no interest in Bollywood. Shagun has his own wedding planning agency.

Kangana and Rangoli Chandel
Besides Kangana, Rangoli Chandel also loves to be in the debate. Didike can be seen next to her sister all the time. And the two sisters are almost the same. Although his face was slightly distorted due to the acid attack.

Kriti Shannon and Anklet Shannon

His sister Nupur Shannon also looks exactly like Kriti Shannon. Nupur is aiming to build a career in Bollywood like her sister. She is no less than her sister in terms of style and fashion sense. He has many fans on social media.

Rekha and Radha Usman Syed
The beauty of Bollywood's Evergreen Beauty actress Rekha is still talked about today. But you may not know that Rekha also has a sister. Whose name is Radha Usman Syed. One can be deceived by seeing who Rekha and Radha are at once. Rekha's sister Radha lives abroad.