The Smith-Warners are going to return to practice quickly under the new rules of hygiene.


The corona virus has caused epidemics around the world. As a result, all sports in the world are closed at the moment, cricket is closed. The ICC, the governing body of cricket, has said all forms of cricket will be closed until June. Meanwhile, the Australian cricketers are going to start training at the end of May. However, in this case, considering the health of the cricketers, the Australian Cricket Board is going to issue a completely new rule.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, the practice camp will begin under the supervision of Alex Conturis, head of the Department of Sports Science and Medicine, and Dr John Richard, Cricket Australia's medical officer.

Cricket Australia wants to get the cricketers back on the field quickly, as well as adapt Australian cricketers to the new rules so that there is no difficulty. The camp will focus on keeping cricketers at a social distance while playing cricket and not allowing bowlers to use saliva, spit or sweat while bowling. Social distance will also be kept in mind during the celebration.