The snake was playing the game of poisonous snake to the beat of the DJ! Then.


Bangla Hunt Desk: In a village in Khagaria, Bihar, a snake was playing with the beat of a DJ. But he never knew that this game would be his last. While showing the game, the poisonous snake bit the snake. And the snake died due to the poison spreading in the body.

The case was registered against a village named Ponsalba in Khagaria district of Bihar. Note that the people of the village were going to Kosi Ghat to abandon the idol of the local festival Karma-Dharma. There, a snake named Shambhu Singh took part in the immersion of the idol with a poisonous snake and the snake started playing.

When Shambhu Singh was watching the snake play, the people present there were cheering him with applause. And at that time the poisonous snake bit Shambhu's back. Despite being bitten by a snake, Shambhu Singh continued to play the snake for about 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, Shambhu Singh suddenly fainted and fell to the ground. As soon as Shambhu falls to the ground, the joy of abandonment turns to sorrow. And the people present at the scene spread excitement.

The villagers immediately picked up Shambhu Singh and took him to Beldaur Primary Health Center. There the doctor declared Shambhu dead. Hearing the news of Shambhu's death cast a shadow of mourning over his family and the village. The family cried and became anxious. According to Shambhu's family, Shambhu had mastered catching snakes. From poisonous to poisonous snakes he would subdue in a few minutes.

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