The soldier's mother died in Agra after leaving her four-day-old baby girl


BanglaHunt Desk: Before realizing mother's caress and love, don't snatch her mother from her four-day-old daughter in Agra (COVID-19). The mother of the soldier died after being left with her four-day-old baby girl. Corona came positive in the report after his death, no one agreed to touch him.

Mrita was at home on leave as she was pregnant

Ravi Jiban, a resident of Ishwar Nagar, Kakretha in Sikandra Thana area, works for a private company. His wife Binita Chowdhury, 26, was working at Bilhor police station in Kanpur district. Due to her pregnancy, she was on leave at her father-in-law's house on April 5. The house of the deceased's father was in Mainpuri district.

He was taken to hospital on Wednesday morning due to physical problems

Just four days ago, Binita gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Then on Wednesday morning, due to his physical problems, people in his family took him to Rainbow Hospital. But the hospital staff did not agree to treat him. Meanwhile, the sepoy woman died at around 12:30 pm.

Because the corona is positive, no one agrees to touch the dead body

After the death of the sepoy woman, his report came out positive. And that's why everyone refuses to touch him. His body was neglected in the car. Upon receiving this news a team of health workers appeared there. Everyone in the deceased's house was told to stay in quarantine. And he is taken to the place where the corona victims are being buried. Besides, it is being investigated whether there is any travel history of the deceased.