The sound of the conch has a strange power, the evil is removed


The first thing that comes to our mind when we say shell is a good sign. That means we have used it for any good cause. The shell of happiness, prosperity and good fortune has been accepted as a symbol of affection in Indian culture. Hindus almost all use shells. Conch shells are very important in all Vedic writings in traditional religion, all good deeds are started with shells. The conch is the main weapon of Lord Vishnu. If you look at the old ghente again, you will know a lot more. The south-facing conch originated from the sea during the churning of the sea.

The top of the south-facing conch is believed to be the abode of the moon god, Varuna in the middle, Brahma in the back and Ganga, Jamuna and Saraswati in the front. And according to that Purana, according to the Brahmavaivarta Purana, the conch is sitting in different forms and is considered sacred in the worship of the gods,

Because it is a useless way to please the gods. Its holy water is considered as a place of pilgrimage. Conch is considered as a symbol of victory. Conch shells are played at the beginning of any religious ceremony. Again, it is said that the sound of the conch destroys the germs as well as purifies the mind. Peace of mind is that the water of the conch is considered very sacred.

The arrival of Lakshmi Thakur took place at the sound of conch shells. The conch that bathes with water gets the fruit of bathing in all the places of pilgrimage. Wherever the conch is, Lord Sri Hari lives forever with Lord Lakshmi.