The stork gave birth to a baby in the engine, the train stopped until the cub was big

BanglaHunt Desk: There is talk that Ram alone is not safe, Sugriva is a partner. Corona was not enough! Amphan joined as a partner. Millions of people are facing severe losses. There is no shelter for anyone. A terrible storm has taken away everything again. This is the lockdown in different countries of the world. Poor people are in big trouble. No work. The savings have also run out. Many are skeptical about what to eat tomorrow. All around is death and wailing. The year 2020 has come like a curse in people's lives. Not having a hard time at all. It is as if nature is taking revenge on mankind for an old mistake. In the meantime, the triumph of life. The stork gave birth to the baby in the engine. Authorities have decided to stop the train until the baby grows up.

Locoshed at Parbatipur railway junction in Bangladesh. The train service has been stopped for almost two months. Train service may be closed for some more time due to lockdown. Railway engines are now available in various locations. And the birds have made their home in those lonely engines. A pair of statues made their home in an engine at the locoshed in Parbatipur. The stork lays two eggs. She gave birth to two children. And so the railway authorities have decided that the engine will not run until the two children grow up. If the engine is started, two chicks may die, railway officials fear.

Going to start the engine, the railway workers saw the nest of the stork. Seeing them, the mother bird hugged her two cubs. That's when the railway workers decided that the engine would not run if the two cubs were not big. Kafiul Islam, in-charge of Parbatipur Lockshed, said the decision was taken out of selfless love for the children. The staff has also taken care not to cause any damage to the two cubs. The engine is kept in a safe shelter.