The storm shattered China’s famous glass bridge, trapping tourists

Bangla Hunt Desk: There is no doubt that China is one of those who have repeatedly shocked the world with unimaginable discoveries and science and technology. They have repeatedly stunned the world with multiple eye-catching discoveries. But when we hear the name of a Chinese thing, on the one hand, all the surprising discoveries come to our mind, at the same time the question arises, will the thing be better sustainable? The fact that there is no guarantee of Chinese goods has almost become a proverb in Bengal. The same thing happened on social media in a recent incident in China.

To attract tourists, China built a 330-foot-high glass bridge over Pyongyang Mountain in the city of Longjin. The bridge was also very attractive to tourists. But a report released by The Sun on Friday said the town of Longjin was hit by a massive storm with speeds of up to 90 kilometers per hour. And this stormy bridge in China was damaged by this storm. Several pieces of glass broke. Not only that, at that time a tourist came to visit the bridge and got stuck. It is learned that he had to hang on to the railing of the bridge for a long time. Eventually, the fire brigade, the tourism department and the police got the news and he was rescued from the bridge in a healthy condition. Although he was immediately admitted to the hospital. Because of this, he was devastated.

The incident has gone viral on social media with various comments. Many of them are commenting that Chinese goods are by no means sustainable. To believe in it means to be deceived. However, many are questioning the engineers involved in the bridge. Many people want to know why the bridge was not built keeping in mind that such storms come in the city. Notably, there is a similar glass bridge not only in the city of Longjin but also in the city of Changchiachie on the Hunan side of China. Which is 430 meters in length and about 8 meters in width. Since 2016, about 60 glass bridges have been built across China. However, after this incident, the question is how safe it is at all.