The story of the Rupoli screen happened in reality.


BanglaHunt Desk: A 20-year-old young man fulfills his dream by running Auto. The young man took over the responsibilities of the family, leaving his tenth grade as a result of the cultural problems. Then he started his education again and again he fulfilled his dream. He earned a PhD degree and is currently employed as a teacher at Sri C Achuta Menon Government College.

The young man said, 'I have repeatedly failed in various tasks. But I never lost anything. Life was a story to lose. I believe that dreams are boundless. People just create a boundary around themselves. '

The journey was not easy for him. His father left him and his mother when he was only three months old. Then, without help, his mother took him to a remote village, where no electricity was available. His mother worked hard and continued her family and attended him in school. If they could not pass the marks in the tenth grade, they want to tell the mother, what does she want to do now? In reply, he said that he no longer wants to study, he wants to work this time.

Accordingly, he started earning from Tk. However, during the monsoon due to natural problems, he was employed in the field farming, selling fish. But many at the workplace asked him, why did he quit studying? After hearing repeated studies in the public, he decided to resume his studies. Then, on the 27th, after he was admitted to school again, he passed from there to St. Peter's College. Then he bought an auto with little money. At dusk, he started driving in the evening.

In this way, he gradually goes a few steps towards achieving his dream. College passed B.ed. Then he went to the University of Malayalam to get a Post Graduate Degree to be appointed as a college teacher. After the next 3 years, success came to his door. He earned a PhD degree with unparalleled spirit and strong will.

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