The substantial new Amongst Us map provides you additional techniques to be sneaky

Among Us’ enormous Airship map lastly arrived on Wednesday, presenting new jobs for crewmates, new techniques to get all over, and new means to plot towards your good friends as the imposter. I tried out out the new amount for an hour or so very last night time, and players who could have developed bored of the nicely-worn pathways of Amongst Us’ other levels will have a good deal to engage in with on the airship.

The airship is Amid Us’ most important map nonetheless, but to my shock, I basically didn’t come to feel all that overwhelmed in my initially matches. Developer InnerSloth did a great position creating the various rooms visually distinctive. The round records room has four huge bookshelves, for illustration, whilst the kitchen area has a charming tile sample and a pot simmering on a stove. The airship also adds a pair of new means to get all over, like ladders and a floating platform that moves you throughout a chasm.

On some of Amongst Us’ other maps, I have difficulty remembering just in which I have been. But the noteworthy traits of a lot of of the airship’s destinations manufactured them a lot easier to remember when pleading my innocence in player conferences.

Graphic: InnerSloth

For crewmates, the airship has a large amount of new duties to continue to keep you hectic though staying away from the imposter. In my hour or so of playtime very last night time, I hammered a showerhead into position, shined a jewel, waved a mobile phone about to get superior reception, quickly-forwarded a video clip cassette, dressed up a mannequin, and even unclogged a toilet. And if you’re a longtime Among Us player, you’ll realize some aged standbys — rest certain that your finely honed card swiping abilities will be place to superior use.

If you are an imposter, the airship is a playground, packed with significant objects and distant corners you can use to strategically hide the bodies of your crewmates. And of training course, imposters can nonetheless use vents to zip from place to place as well as turn off the ship’s lights, communications, and other functions to mess with other players.

At situations, the airship can come to feel too large, although at the default strolling speed, it usually takes a extensive time to get from spot to spot. To assistance with that, InnerSloth allows you start out from just one of three rooms each and every time you jump into the map. But no issue in which you start out, it however will take a though to get to the reverse aspect of the ship. In video games with less gamers, the sheer dimension of the airship also implies you may well not see a great deal of your crewmates. It nearly looks made for the impending 15 player lobbies.

Wednesday’s update also adds an account procedure and some new free hats, including a poop hat. Amid Us is readily available on Computer system, mobile, and Nintendo Switch, with an Xbox edition set to release someday this calendar year.