The taxi will fly in the sky with the passengers beyond the traffic jam of the city! Fancy ideas from Italian designers

Several days ago, a video of a flying car went viral in Netpara. The car was seen flying in the sky while walking. An Italian designer has designed a model of a flying taxi with this in mind, as well as the fear of infection if the public transport of taxis as well as private cars go to the skies.

That designer, Andre Ponty, published a gallery of drone taxi designs, like a private jet. The taxi has soft fabric and leather cushions. A total of four passengers will be able to board this taxi. When flying in the sky, it should look a lot like a drone. The idea has already garnered worldwide acclaim.

Earlier, a flying car was seen in a viral video. The car was made by a professor from Slovakia. As can be seen at the beginning of the video, like the other five ordinary cars, this car is also moving with the help of wheels. As he walked, he suddenly started fluttering his wings. After a while it can be seen that it is moving in the sky After hovering in the sky for a while, the car landed safely on the ground.

After posting this video on social media, it went viral. Never before has a car been able to fly so smoothly. Residents of Net Para are all praising the innovative power of the driver of the car. Likes, comments, shares are increasing by leaps and bounds