The teacher was teaching Pakistan friendship in the name of online study! He was dismissed after the complaint of the guardian


Bengali Hunt Desk: An online class at G.N. National Public School gave an example of being proud of Pakistan in a WhatsApp group post explaining nouns. Teacher Shadab Khanam got into trouble by doing such controversial work while studying online in fourth class. The example was so offensive that it was considered a conspiracy to brainwash children on behalf of Pakistan.

The parents protested against the behavior of teacher Shadab. As a result, the teacher was fired. The teacher called it a mistake to prove her innocence. Incidentally, in the midst of the lockdown and the Corona crisis, most private schools are offering online education. And for this many WhatsApp groups have been created. In one such group on Friday, a GN National Public School teacher taught English to fourth graders.

Teacher Shadab gave a massage to teach Naun. And then that post went viral on social media. It is learned that the teacher was presenting various information about Pakistan to the children. The teacher was sending a PDF file to the WhatsApp group from her mobile. And there was a lot of information about Pakistan.

He wrote to the group, “I will join the Pak Army.” In another post, he wrote, “Pakistan is our home land.” In another example, he is proud of the heroism of Pakistani pilot Rashid Minhas.

When the parents see the PDF files, they send a written complaint to the school authorities through WhatsApp. The parents complained that the teacher wanted to sow the seeds of anti-national mentality in the children.

Let me tell you, there were 40 to 50 students in that group, whose teacher was trying to brainwash them by teaching them good things about Pakistan. After the parents complained, the school authorities took strict action and fired the teacher. And assures investigation of this case.