The team of female engineers built a device that would make it easier to fight corona


Many attempts have been made for a long time to prevent corona. Kinru is not possible. With the safety of healthcare workers in mind, three highly educated female engineers with more than 30 years of experience in technology research and industry have created a communicative, Wi-Fi capable, AI-powered response monitoring device. This

With the help of the device, doctors will be able to examine ordinary patients from a remote location, when the patient's condition is very complex, the device will give different signals. Almost all countries are now spending their days in terror. From day to night and from night to day there is no way to understand when he is leaving. Everyone is trapped in the house for fear. The exact vaccine has not yet been found. However, efforts are being made to prevent this disease.

However, this device is called Rewati. These engineers have been working to solve the technology of tracking breathing since about 2016. This device is mounted at a distance of three feet from the patient, then it will perform the task of sending data to the app by accurately following the respiratory rate. And this app will inform you about the huge fluctuations in respiratory rate.

It can be said that it is a mini-ICU. And it's an AI algorithm that allows doctors and other healthcare workers to track the respiratory rate of many patients through an app from anywhere in the world.