The temple in Pakistan where Hindus as well as Muslims visit the goddess

Bangla Hunt Desk: Among Hindus, the place of the goddess is first and foremost for Shakti worshipers. The goddess is worshiped on 51 Shakti Peetha. Of these, 16 are super power seats and 4 are original power seats. But today’s news is not from India, this news is about Hinglaj Devi temple in Pakistan. There is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas. There is another power base in Pakistan. It is located in the city of Karachi. That Shakti Peeth is known as Shivaharkaraya. Hindus from all over the world visit the Hinglaj Devi temple, and Pakistani Muslims also visit it.

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The Hinglaj Temple is located on the western edge of Karachi, on the outskirts of Balochistan. Located in Makran Kasba, Lasbela district, this Hinglaj Devi is highly valued not only by Hindus but also by Muslims. This was stated by Assistant Professor Jেনrgen Schaeflachner of the University of Heidelberg in his book. He is known as an expert on the historical sites of South Asia.

Professor Jেনrgen Schaeflachner wrote a book entitled “Hinglaj Devi Identity, Change and Solidification at a Hindu Temple in Pakistan”. He said it was very difficult to get here before. Then people would walk mile after mile to visit the goddess. But fans of Hinglaj Devi have benefited a lot since the Makran Coastal Highway.

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It is said about the temple of Goddess Hinglaj that the harder a devotee reaches this temple, the more he will get the fruits of his philosophy. And for this reason, in the winter season, people walk a few kilometers to reach the temple of Goddess Hinglaj and visit her mother.

Hinglaj travels to Makran every year during the summer season. About two and a half lakh people took part in this journey. It is the largest non-Muslim festival in Pakistan. People from all over Pakistan came to this festival. Thus Hindus from all over the world took part in this festival. The most important thing about this temple is that it was not built by any man. This is a natural cave.