The third line is a long line outside the liquor store from the morning to get a discount on the lockdown


Banglahunt Desk: Although the central government did not agree to the first two-point lockdown, the liquor store was opened in the third phase. This third round of lockdown has brought good news for the wine lovers. As soon as the discount was received, a long line fell outside the liquor store from the night before.

Special discount for Orange Zone and Green Zone

The third phase of lockdown is taking place across the country due to Corona virus (COVID-19). People are under house arrest. Only essential goods stores open. The red, orange and green zones are divided according to the number of infections. Strict security measures are in place in the red zone. However, some shops have got discounts in some orange and green zones. Small shops, neighborhood shops as well as neighborhood shops can be opened. However, in addition to the essential products, the liquor store also opened this time.

Guide to opening a liquor store

Although the central government did not agree in the first two rounds, in the third round the liquor shops got a discount. However, only Orange and Green zones will get this discount. This service will not be provided in the red zone. However, considering the social distance, a shop can have a minimum of 5 shoppers. There will be a gap of 8 feet between them.

Where will this liquor store open?

With the permission of the government, a long line followed the social distance on Monday morning and went to the liquor store in Raipur, Chhattisgarh. The same picture was seen in Hubli, Karnataka. However, the Karnataka government has allowed shops to be open from 9 am to 6 pm. This discount even matched in Delhi. However, despite Maharashtra being a red zone in India, liquor stores opened.

Guidelines given by the government for opening liquor shops

Before opening the liquor deal in Uttarakhand, Excise Commissioner Sushil Kumar has issued a guideline on safety. According to the order, five buyers will be present at the contract at once. A distance of six feet must be maintained. If the number increases, a gap of ten feet is required after every five people. In this way, liquor and tobacco shops are also allowed. However, this discount will not be available in urban areas and shopping malls.