The threat to kill the young man and his family after leaving Islam and converting to Hinduism


A section of the Muslim community threatened to kill a young man from Aligarh along with his family for leaving Islam and converting to Hinduism. As soon as the incident spread, tension spread in the area.

The young man, a resident of Aligarh in Uttar Pradesh, was a follower of Islam. At that time his name was Qasim. He later converted to Hinduism voluntarily. As a result, the youth and his family have faced the wrath of a section of the Muslim community.

The youth has lodged a complaint with the local police station seeking his protection. His name is Qasim. He recently converted from Islam to Hinduism. The family has been threatened with death after the conversion. He needs police protection. After that the Yogi administration arranged police protection for him.

Aligarh Superintendent of Police (Crime) Arvind Kumar said, “We have filed a case based on the youth's complaint.” Police have cordoned off his home after he allegedly received a death threat.