The tiger cannot roar like a lion; But how to call a cheetah? Take a look at the viral video

viral video: Recently a video went viral that you probably didn't know. Like a tiger or a lion, a cheetah cannot roar. Rather, the cheetah's call is like that of our domestic cat.

Roaring Cats ”(lions, tigers, jaguars and cheetahs) have an incomplete highway, causing them to roar, but cheetahs belong to the“ purring cats ”subfamily, which do not roar like our pet cats.

Do you find it incredible? Wondering how such a terrible creature does not roar? Recently a video went viral on social media which will dispel your suspicions. Nature & Animals, a Twitter account that posted super cute videos of animals and birds, shared the clip on Thursday.

The viral video shows two cheetahs inside a fence of the sanctuary. Those who are not roaring are also calling like cats. The video appears to have been recorded by tourists.

The video went viral on social media. More than 5,000 netizens have already watched this video. Many people cannot believe this voice of the cheetah. One netizen commented that he did not feel scared at all when he heard the cheetah's call.