The title is ‘Tumpa Shona’ again, this time the new wife is dancing to the tune of the song.


The custom of welcoming the son and wife into the house after marriage has been going on for a long time. However, the melody of modern songs is being matched in Rabindra Sangeet. In the same way, the custom of accepting a new wife and son is gradually changing nowadays.

However, when that baran is danced to the very popular song ‘Tumpa Sona’, it becomes eye-catching. And when the dance belongs to the mother-in-law herself, it is no longer compared to her. Recently, a video of such an event is going viral on social media. Seeing that, the net people are laughing and eating loot.

In the video, it is seen that the mother-in-law is welcoming the new wife and son with a basket in her hand. And the popular ‘Tumpa Sona’ song is playing in the background. The bride is being greeted with a hulu, shaking her waist to the beat of the song and playing vegetables.

Since the video went viral on social media, various reactions from Nana Muni can be seen. Some people are taking funny tricks, so some people are becoming angry eggplant.