The trailer of ‘The Kerala Story’ raised the matter of love jihad, claims- 32 thousand Hindu girls disappeared from Kerala? debate


The Kerala Story: केरल में कहां गायब हो गईं 32 हजार हिंदू लड़कियां?

The Kerala Story: Recently, the trailer of a film on love jihad has created a stir across the country. The name of this film is The Kerala Story. After watching the trailer of the film, the question being asked on this theory of Love Jihad is whether there is any truth in it? This film is based on the story of Kerala. And the story is related to the conversion of religion after love jihad. It has been told that 36,000 girls disappeared from Kerala and no one came to know about anything.

The film tells how girls from Kerala are taken abroad after religious conversion or love jihad. And they are made to join terrorist organizations like ISIS. One side says that this is the reality of Kerala. Religion change and love jihad are also a reality.

But the other side says that the story of the film is completely fake. It is just a political propaganda. So let’s decide the truth and lie in front of the people of the country today. Because today in this hi-tech studio of TV9 India, we have a huge panel with us. Watch the special discussion.

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