The triumphant Indian physician in the United States was honored in a fancy way

BanglaHunt Desk: The deadly corona virus has spread all over the world. One country after another is being devoured by this terrible virus. The World Health Organization has already declared the disaster an 'epidemic'. Beyond China, Italy, Iran, India has also been attacked. And the central and state governments are fighting with him.
In the first phase, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a lockdown till April 14. In the second phase, the lockdown period was extended to May 3. In this situation, everyone is under house arrest. Only emergency services are available. Doctors are not on leave. Udayast Khete They are going to serve the victims of Corona.
In this situation, thanks are being given to the doctors and health workers in different countries all over the world. This first line of Corona fighters is being honored. In the meantime, many videos have gone viral where doctors, health workers have been showered with flowers or they are sending messages through songs to lose Corona.
This time a video has gone viral in America where a fancy way of honoring an Indian doctor has been revealed. It is known that the name of the Indian doctor working in America is Uma Madhusudan. He is also fighting against corona in that country. That is why ordinary people have paid homage to his work.

As seen in the video, Uma is standing in front of her house and a car with fertilizer is coming to thank her. A placard with a thank you note can be seen in the middle of the car. Umao is shaking hands and accepting the honor.
This video is now going viral on social media. Indian industrialist Harsh Goenka tweeted and shared the video. According to the caption, Indian doctor Uma Madhusudan has been honored in the United States for her selfless contribution to the fight against corona.

It is learned that Uma studied from GSS Medical College, Mysore. He is now working at South Windsor Hospital in the United States.

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