The Trump administration is developing a strategy to punish China, and compensation may be taken

BanglaHunt Desk: This time America is fully prepared to teach China. The US president and US administration have repeatedly blamed China for the corona virus. And also about educating them. US President Donald Trump and his aides have stepped in to take tougher action on the issue.

Concerns about the origin of the corona virus

In the early days of the effects of the corona virus (COVID-19), China and the United States were playing a game of blaming each other. As the WHO re-enters their drunkenness, China finds a place of extra confidence.

America is preparing to fight against China

The various small agencies in the United States are collectively associated with this intelligence community. Currently, the head of this intelligence community has launched a series of offensive questions against China. Why did he keep this virus a secret from the whole world and for what reason or why they did not let the world know the truth about this virus.

“The Chinese communist government has to pay the price for spreading this corona virus,” said US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Hulia. Even if the whole world does not accept compensation from China, we will not give up.

Disclosure of various information on the subject of the attack

The United States is now discussing how terrible an attack on China would be. The United States has borrowed large sums of money from Beijing. But they are currently reluctant to write off the debt, keeping in mind the needs of US citizens and the importance of economic issues.

At first, the United States was reluctant to launch a legal attack on any foreign state. But now, enraged by China's activities, they are preparing to attack China by changing their decisions and laws.

In 2019, the US President imposed sanctions on China for interfering in US internal affairs. If the United States re-imposes sanctions on China now because of the corona virus, it will suffer huge losses.

The war between America and China has been under tariff for so long. But now it is going to be duty free.

However, the United States is once again dependent on China for medical treatment for the corona virus. That is why it is thought that the United States could suffer huge losses in the Cold War between the two countries.