The Trump government has called for the withdrawal of foreign nationals from the United States

BanglaHunt Desk: India brought back its citizens from different countries due to the outbreak of the Corona virus (COVID-19). Similarly, the Government of India arranged for foreigners living in India to return to their country. But in the meantime, many US citizens did not want to return to their country. Of the total number of foreign nationals in India, about 5 percent of them did not want to leave India and go back to their country. There were several reasons behind this.

US citizens do not want to leave India because the situation in America is very bad right now. More than 22,000 people have already died. Also, they do not want to go because India does not have an education system in the US. In India, it costs a lot to do the treatment, it costs a lot of money to do that treatment in America. If a person does not have medical insurance, they have to pay the entire cost themselves. The US government does not stand by its citizens like India.

In this situation, even if US citizens move to the United States, they will first get coronary infections. And he has to pay the whole money for his treatment, which is being made completely free in India. In the first place, some Italian residents in India found Corona positive. The Indian government has provided them with free treatment and sent them back to their country. But America does not have this benefit.

They are being sent directly to the grave after death in America. There is no humanity being shown. So the US citizens are not going to leave India and go back to their country. On the contrary, America is repatriating Indian nationals to India. Not just India, other foreign nationals have been ordered to leave the United States within 6 weeks Because he thinks he cannot protect them in this crisis. In this situation, India is arranging to bring its citizens back to India. Again, the US President has said that if a country does not return its citizens within six weeks, visas may be revoked later.

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