The two Royal Bengal Tigers got into a fight over possession of the area, watching the viral video


Viral video: Every day a video of an animal goes viral on social media. Some of these videos are as sweet as some of the videos are just as awesome. This time viral on social media is a horrible video where two horrible philosophers Royal Bengal Tiger are involved in a fight.

The Royal Bengal Tiger is a terrifyingly beautiful tiger species found in India. They look as aggressive as Dashasai. I have seen other animals fight with this tiger in many videos that have gone viral so far. But when one Royal Bengal Tiger faces another Royal Bengal Tiger of the same look, there is no doubt that it becomes extremely exciting.

This video was shared by a Twitter user named Wildence_India. He wrote in the caption- Some fights are deadly. One of the reasons for the tiger's death was the fighting in the area. Today is 7 in Ranthambore. The video shows two tigers fighting each other. During the fight, his roar was very loud, which is the responsibility of the ears if the front The video has gone viral on social media.

Earlier, Indian Forest Department official Sushant Nanda shared a video of the two tigers fighting. The video shows a wild tiger and a tiger in a safari park wanting to fight among themselves. But the two tigers are not fighting for the finishing of the safari park. But even though there were no clashes, the way the two tiger uncles ran away shouting at each other made Rome stand up. Needless to say, without fencing, the matter would have turned bloody.