The United States could take tougher action than Germany, Trump warned China at a press conference

BanglaHunt Desk: Various countries are already blaming China for the corona infection. Germany has already demanded 13 trillion euros in compensation for the damage caused by the corona. This time, US President Donald Trump has threatened to demand bigger compensation.

At the press conference, Trump was asked whether the United States, like Germany, was considering compensation from China. In response, Trump said they were continuing to investigate China, and if found guilty, China would suffer the consequences. “We will take the easy way out,” Trump said. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. ”

The US president added: “China can be blamed for this loss in many ways. As you may know, we are seriously investigating China. We are not happy with China's work. “

The whole world is now terrified of the corona virus. More than 2.7 million people have been infected with the deadly virus and about 200,000 people have died. Although the virus originated in China, the United States has now suffered terrible losses due to the virus. Already there have been more than 900,000 corona outbreaks and more than 50,000 deaths.

In addition, Vietnam sent about 4.5 million medical suites to strengthen the protection of American doctors and health workers. The one-time enemy country today stands by America like a friend in times of danger.