The United States has imposed new restrictions on semiconductor exports, with China at a loss

BanglaHunt Desk: The People's Liberation Army (PLA) has been hit hard by the US. There are allegations that the Chinese army relies on hijacked technology. But they can't succeed in that either.

Allegedly, China once built fighter jets, which hijacked the American formula. But it did not work properly. This formula of China was behind not working, the hijacked semiconductor process China did not understand properly. That's why they used to import from America. That's why China has been accused of hijacking other countries' formulas and making their technology cheaper.

It is heard that China uses these methods to make low quality tools with technology and sends them to Pakistan and various countries in Africa. But it has repeatedly failed. But the United States has imposed sanctions on China over its exports. Despite huge profits, US President Donald Trump cut off exports from the US to educate China. The United States issued this guideline by issuing new laws.

As a result, China's work has come to a standstill. The United States realized that if it did not stop exporting, China's military would become stronger. As a result, all technologies exported from China to Pakistan will be shut down. China will not be able to export fighter jets and rifles to Pakistan. As a result, India will benefit a lot