The US deployed bombers in the Indian Ocean, trembling in the chest of China

Bangla Hunt Desk: Even after many rounds of peace talks, China is not ready to withdraw from Ladakh. However, meetings between India and China are still going on. But Bipin Rawat, India's chief of defense staff, has made it clear that if China does not listen, we have military options. Meanwhile, China is working to put pressure on India by stockpiling weapons and troops at the border.

However, the United States, the world's most powerful country, is keeping a close eye on China's expansionist policy. And they have already warned the Dragon that India will suffer the consequences if provoked. This time the news is coming that America is ready to give full support to India to crush China's arrogance. The United States has deployed two B-2 bombers at the Diego Garcia military base in the Indian Ocean.

This nuclear-powered aircraft is one of the newest and deadliest aircraft in the world. This aircraft cannot be captured by enemy radar. According to experts, the US move is aimed at pushing China out of Indian territory.

On the other hand, the Indian Navy has deployed military ships in the Indian Ocean in view of the growing dispute with China. In addition, the Indian Navy took part in military exercises with the US and Japanese navies near the Andaman and Nicobar Islands last month. America's most powerful nuclear ship took part in the exercise. Indian Navy ships INS Rana and INS Kulish took part in the exercise.

Two Japanese ships, JS Kashima and JS Shimayuki, took part in the exercise. The main purpose of the exercise was to promote naval coordination and cooperation with neighboring countries. The Indian Navy had earlier taken part in military exercises with Australia and France. After the conflict between China and India started in Ladakh, all the countries have come to India's side to teach China.

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