The vaccine is a testament to the fact that only one person dies in five months

Bengali Hunt Desk: Although their size is small on the world map, Bhutan has set a unique precedent in global coronet mapping. All the countries have been shocked to see the report of the World Health Organization (WHO). The whole world is overwhelmed when the second wave of corona virus. Since January 3, only 1,190 people have been infected with the new coyote in Bhutan. And death? Only one died. In the last five months, there has been a death toll in countries like India. Then how did a small country like Bhutan make this impossible possible. According to Hu, Bhutan has made a real revolution in vaccinating its people.

During this five month period, they have been able to vaccinate 4 lakh 80 thousand 598 people. In the case of geographically inaccessible Bhutan, it was not easy to reach these figures. Even more surprising is the fact that 93 percent of all adults in the country have been vaccinated for only 18 days. Delivering the vaccine to all those places was not easy at all. But the corona vaccine has been delivered to different parts of the country by helicopter during the war.

Most Bhutanese have been given the Astrogenic vaccine. Most of which have been given by the Serum Institute of India. In Bhutan and elsewhere, there was skepticism among locals about the vaccine. But at the initiative of the voluntary organization and the government of that country, a campaign was launched to eradicate this misconception from the minds of the people. And then Bhutan started vaccinating the whole country.

It has been observed all over the world that if the vaccine is given, it will not have such a terrible effect on the body. But if the vaccine is not taken, in many cases the effects of the disease are becoming serious. And that’s why Bhutan’s vaccine revolution has caught the attention of the whole world.