The victim of online fraud is a former NDTV journalist who taught at Harvard University

Bengali Hunt Desk: Former NDTV journalist Nidhi Rajdan tweeted on Friday about the online fraud that happened to her. Rajdan recently learned that the offer to teach him journalism at Harvard University was a sham. Rajdan severed his 21-year relationship with NDTV last year after being offered a chance to teach at Harvard University.

“I was told that I would start teaching at Harvard University from September,” Nidhi Rajdan said in a statement on Twitter. I also prepared for my work. I was then informed that my work would start from January instead of September due to Corona. Nidhi Rajdan said, “I was apprehensive about the delay in teaching journalism at Harvard. But it was reported from there that such delays are happening due to administrative rules.

“I thought there might be a delay because of Corona,” Rajdan said. But the presentation I made in front of them recently made me even more upset. Then I got in touch with a senior Harvard official. At their request I give details of previous contact about the job, which I thought was sent on behalf of the university.

“After contacting the university, I came to know that I was a victim of online fraud,” Rajdan said. And I was not offered any journalism by Harvard University. I contacted the police and handed over all the documents. I appealed to the police to identify the person who did this to me as soon as possible. At the same time, I have appealed to Harvard officials to take this case seriously.