The video call talks about Badshah-Ratan Kahar, the king's promise of financial support to the family


Banglahunt Desk: Rap singer Badshah speaks to the creator of the song 'Batilok Bt Low', Ratan Kahar. The two were in a video call Friday night. It is reported that the king will meet Ratan Kahar when the lockdown arises. Even the king has promised to sing together.
In this regard, Ratan Kahar said, “The king called on Friday night. I saw him in the video call, I talked. He said that when Lockdown goes up, Cudi will come and meet you. He repeatedly said he would have come in now if the lockdown had not taken place. He also talked about singing together. My grandchildren, grandchildren and daughter asked to help me financially. This is what his father will do. “

Ratan Kahar's son Shivnath Kahar also acknowledged the video call. He also said, “Dad also thanked the king. The father's name came up again as he sang it. Then Ratan Kahar spoke to the king.

In this context, the king earlier said, 'I tried to find the name of the song's composer but I could not find it. On March 25, I learned that Ratan Kahar's name. I know he's a great artist. I also know his financial situation. I want to help him out with respect. ”He also said that he had no bad intention of singing BT Lo's song. Many call him the 'thief'. But he knows how to respect other artists.

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