The video of the funny parody song 'Go home and tell Modi' is viral


viral video: Thousands of videos go viral on Netdunia every day. Just as viral videos give us unadulterated pleasure, some videos also make us cry. Many videos also entertain us. Recently such a video has gone viral on Netpara. Net world 6 is a funny parody song of a small child

Parody is the act of imitating the melody of a song by adding other funny words Even a few days ago, parody songs were very popular in Bengal. Yet some parody songs sometimes go viral on Netpara. These songs are made for entertainment only It is also made to protest or make fun of.

In this recently viral video, a boy can be heard singing a parody of a popular Bengali song. Perhaps the boy sang on the train and begged. Netdunia has won the hearts of the people with his words in popular songs.

A timeless Bengali song sung by Shyamal Mitra, ‘I will call you by what name. Evil has struck me in those two eyes. The boy made a nice parody of that song, 'I will go home and tell Modi, Modi will marry me next week'.

A passenger on the train probably captured the song on a mobile camera and posted it on social media. And it didn't take long for that video to go viral. Netizens laughed when they heard this funny song They have made various comments. Take a look at the funny parody in the video