The vision of India at the G-20 meeting was given by Nirmala Sitaraman to tackle the financial situation all over the world


BanglaHunt Desk: Recently, a meeting was held with the finance minister of G-20 and the governor of the central bank. The key to the meeting was to seek cure from the Corona Virus (COVID-19). Representing the meeting, Indian Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman praised Saudi Arabia's finance minister. This meeting is held through video conferencing, maintaining social distance.

At the beginning of the meeting, Nirmala Sitharaman said, “Call upon all the countries of the world to unite and cooperate in the fight against Corona.” So that the economy is not weak and the global economy can be saved. India is trying to strengthen its position in this regard. Both people's lives and livelihoods have to be saved. And for that we have to focus on the cold-headed work and bring stability to the economy. '

He added, “The Indian government is working urgently to protect the citizens of the country and to protect them from the crisis.” The Government of India has distributed about $ 1.5 billion out of 12 million people. Digital technology has helped a lot in reaching these people directly. The citizens did not need to come out for this. The relief has brought relief to the people below the poverty line. The RBI is also helping with 1 billion dollars. '

In addition to these, the Finance Minister of India spoke on several important issues. However, all the countrymen hoped that the world would soon come out of the corona virus crisis. The country is now desperate to find after its release. In order to prevent the transmission of the virus, the second phase of lockdown in India has been issued till May 3rd.

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