The walls of the holy mosque of Mecca broke and a whole car fell into! The video is viral on social media

Bengali Hunt Desk: The video of a car breaking into the wall of a mosque in Mecca is going viral on social media. On the one hand, the militant attacks on one pilgrimage site after another have spread panic all over the world, and one such incident from Mecca has created a very tense situation all around. I was informed that a car came to the main door of the mosque of Makkah and hit hard. After the incident, the whole mosque was in turmoil. However, it is learned that the car lost control and hit the road.

Immediately after the incident, the security guards of the mosque caught the driver of the vehicle. The driver was then handed over to the police. According to the information received, the driver of the car lost control while driving at high speed.

Due to the high speed of the vehicle, the exterior of the mosque was broken. The mosque of Mecca is the holiest place for the people of Islam in the whole world. Even non-Muslims are not allowed in there. And there is extreme tension around because of this incident.

The whole incident was caught on CCTV. The video shows the speeding car breaking through a wall outside the mosque. The car then broke down a door of the mosque. Security guards arrested the driver, but his identity was kept secret for security reasons.

Let me tell you, people outside the mosque in Mecca have not been able to pray for the past seven months because of Corona. However, only 15,000 Muslims were recently allowed to pray in the mosque. Although then the number was increased to another five thousand. And everyone was ordered to strictly follow Corona's instructions.