The whip of the economy may fall on the railway workers as well, Indians are on the way to taking tough action


BanglaHunt Desk: After the revenue department this time, the anger is going to fall on the Indian Railway employees, it is known through sources. It is learned that Indian Railways is going to reduce the income of railway workers in several cases including overtime to meet the financial crisis.

Indian Railways is a loss-making company. But rail is one of the best jobs of the central government and state government in India. Besides the huge benefits of the employees, the salary structure of Indian Railways is quite attractive. But this time the railway workers are going to read the big cop. It is known that DA and LTA will be reduced substantially. Apart from this, it is reported that the driver and guard of the railway for every kilometer would not get the extra money. Overtime can be reduced by up to 5%. So far, nothing has been formally reported by the Indian Railways.

Earlier, the central government had sent a circular to the revenue department asking officials and staff of the revenue department to donate one day's salary to the Prime Minister's Relief Fund every month for the next one year till March 2021. If there is any objection to this, it has been informed and directed to the Department. And it has to be informed by April 20.

On March 8, the Union Cabinet decided to increase the DA to 5 percent, which is expected to be effective from January 2021. Tao will not be given in this time of this decaying economic crisis of the state.

Basically, the economy of the whole country is hit by a pair of corona and economic downturns. This time the central government decided to solve the crisis.

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