The White House in the US is chanting Vedic mantras, praying for relief from the Corona crisis.

Bengali Hunt Desk: America is suffering from corona outbreak at this time. And on Friday, America celebrates its own state prayer day. Vedic mantras were also recited at that time. Prominent Hindu scholars were called to recite peace lessons in the Rose Garden. Swami Narayan temple priest Harish Brahmabhatt recited Vedic mantras at the White House. All the religious leaders are called to the prayer meeting. The White House is praying for a speedy recovery from the Corona crisis. “Our prayer is that God will protect us,” said President Donald Trump.

Superpower America has also knelt before Corona. The US epidemic has so far claimed the lives of 6,000 people. There has also been panic in the White House after Corona's symptoms were found among President Donald Trump's closest allies.

Donald Trump's corona has also been tested keeping in mind the danger. Although his report came negative. Trump said other White House staffers would also be tested on Rose Corona.

The US economy is in crisis because of the corona. Complete business, trade off. The condition of the farmers is deplorable. And in these difficult times farmers are being forced to distribute their crops for free. Farmers have taken big steps to prevent the destruction of potatoes. The sale of potatoes has almost stopped due to the epidemic. And that's why the crocodiles are standing on the side of the road giving people potatoes for free.