The whole country beside Modi! Google reports how successful Lockdown is


BanglaHunt Desk: Many people are already dead and affected by the coroner pandemic around the world. In our country, the maran virus is not established. A 25-day lockdown is currently underway across the country to counter Corona. But Google figures out how many people are detained in support of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's decision against Corona.

According to Google's 'Quid-1 Community Mobility Report', the movement of people to retail and entertainment venues in India decreased by 5 percent at the end of March, while grocery and pharmacy dropped by 65 percent. Besides, the movement of people to parks has dropped by 57 percent, while mobility at places like public transit stations like subways, buses and train stations in India has decreased by 5 percent.

Also, the number of employees in the workplace was reduced by 47 percent and increased by 22 percent in residential areas, demonstrating that the general public voluntarily detained as per the Prime Minister's decision.

Google says it calculates these insights based on the data of its users who have chosen the location history option for their Google account so the data represents a sample of our users. However, according to Google, “like all samples, it may or may not represent the right behavior of a broader population.” This
The report also used data from users over time to chart movement trends for different high-level segments such as retail and entertainment, grocery and pharmacies, parks, transit stations, workplaces and residential locations.

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