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We all want more or less a dream house. Although many have inherited a good home, many do not have this definite place to live. Many people can't even think of buying a piece of land far from building a house in the amount of things that have gone up at the moment. But if I tell you, you can get a whole house for only 75 rupees. Do not believe. But in one European country, houses are being sold at such low prices.

Italy is a prosperous country in the south of Europe. This great 'offer' is going on in one city of this country. The house is being sold for just 1 euro in the town of Salemi, southwest of Sicily, Italy. It is learned that the government has decided to sell many abandoned houses in this city.

In fact, the population of small towns in Italy is declining. Residents are leaving the area in search of work and moving to big cities So it has been decided to sell the abandoned houses to re-populate these areas.

Salemi is a historically important place. Sixteenth century history is scattered in the area. Once densely populated, the picture began to change after the devastating 1986 earthquake. The quake affected several areas of the city. More than 4,000 people left the area. So these houses are now being sold at the lowest price. However, no one is showing much interest.