The whole mosque was destroyed to make the city beautiful, the incident in China caused a stir all over the world

BanglaHunt Desk: Violence against the Muslim community is on the rise in China’s Xinjiang region. And this time China has targeted Muslim mosques. The administration of Qira city in Xinjiang province has covered the Xiamen Mosque with a high wall. The slogan of the Communist Party has also been written on the new wall, so that the people passing through there may not know that there was a mosque there.

However, the Chinese government and administration say they did it to beautify the city. A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman acknowledged on Wednesday that some mosques had been demolished and others had been upgraded. And this work has been done to develop the villages. He also said that Muslims can pray at home.

I would say that China has already been accused of demolishing thousands of mosques. Even a mosque was built there as a public toilet. That incident was condemned all over the world.

China, on the other hand, continues to control a large number of Uighur Muslims on the outskirts of Xinjiang. This time they are trying to reduce the population of Uyghurs. And for this, Uyghur Muslim women are being targeted. They are being pressured to adopt contraceptives. And if you do not adopt that method, huge fines and imprisonment are being imposed.

The dual character of Chinese officials has come to the fore. They are encouraging more Chinese women to have more children to stem the declining birth rate in the country. On the other hand, Muslim women in the Uighur-dominated Xinjiang region are being pressured to have fewer children. However, officials claim that women’s contraceptive use depends on personal decision.