The whole truck went over, but the old woman did not scratch; Violent viral video


viral video: Every day thousands of new videos come on social media. There are a number of videos that amaze everyone. Many are wondering how this is possible. One such video has recently gone viral on the internet.

This video shows a heavy truck passing over a woman on the street, yet not a single scratch on her body. This video has remained a topic of discussion among people.

It is learned that the viral video is from Tamil Nadu. This was shared on Twitter by Chinese media portal CGTN. The video is claimed to have been captured on December 2. In the video, an elderly woman went out of the house for some work. At this time she was crossing the road wearing a pink sari. At that time a truck was going from there.

It seems that the truck driver did not see the woman and pushed her under the car. The video clearly shows that the truck passed over the woman and stopped shortly after. At that time the woman fell on the road. Although nothing happened to him

Local police later filed a case against the truck driver and arrested him on charges of driving in violation of the law. This video has been viewed 9,006 times so far. Some internet users call it a miracle. Check out the viral video