The whole village broke down in tears at the funeral of the martyrs, the boy said 'Bharat Mata Ki Joy'


BanglaHunt Desk: Another Indian soldier was shot dead by the enemy. Shailendra Pratap Singh, a brave soldier from Raebareli district, was in charge of guarding the border at Sopore in Srinagar. This heroic child of the country gave his life prematurely to save the motherland.

Shailendra Pratap Singh

Shailendra Singh, a resident of Mira Miranpur Alhora village in Dalmau police station, was posted as a constable in the 110th CRPF battalion in 2006. He is currently posting at Sopore in Srinagar. Soldier Shailendra Pratap Singh was martyred in a terrorist attack there.

The whole village broke down in tears at the end of the martyrs

The whole village broke down in tears on hearing the news of Shailendra's death. When the bodies of the martyrs were taken to his residence on Tuesday evening, millions of people from the entire village were present. Everyone rushed to see the heroic child of their village for the last time. All of them shouted, ‘Shailendra Singh remains immortal. As long as there is sun and moon in the sky, there will be the name of Shailendra Singh.

The death of Shailendra Pratap Singh casts a shadow of mourning over the entire village. He was very dear to everyone from small to big in the village. He used to meet everyone when he returned home on holiday. Everyone was remembering the moment spent with the heroic martyrs.

The wife and son broke down in tears

As soon as Shailendra's body was brought to his house, his wife broke down in tears when she saw her husband in a coffin. At the same time, his 8-year-old son also started crying with his mother when he saw his father in this condition. But as soon as he regained his composure, he saluted his father. At the same time, it was said 'Bharat Mata Ki Joy'.