The whole world is in trouble because of the lockdown, and China is building the biggest stadium in the world!

Bangla Hunt Desk: The whole world is facing problems due to Lockdown. And in the meantime, China has begun working on big projects. China has begun construction of the world's largest football stadium. This stadium will be in the shape of a lotus flower.

The professional club Guangzhou Evergrande is building this stadium. The construction of this stadium will cost around Tk. 3 billion. The stadium can seat one lakh spectators at a time.

The stadium will be completed by 2022. The stadium will also have 16 VVIP private rooms. There will be 152 VIP private rooms. There will be FIFA Area and Athlete Area. More than 200 tracks were shown at the stadium's ground breaking ceremony. This work is almost done.

The stadium will have a separate media area for match coverage and a press room will be set up. Fabio Cannavaro is now the current coach of the professional club Guangzhou Evergrande. He was present at the ground breaking ceremony of the stadium.

The largest football stadium in the world so far is the Spanish club Barcelona's Camp Nou. At that stadium, there can be a total of 5,8 games.

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