The whole world is opposing China, Russia is supporting China

BanglaHunt Desk: Due to Corona virus (COVID-19), China has now become an enemy country to the whole world. Protests are erupting all over China, from Africa to Southeast Asia. Although all countries have gone against China, one country still supports China. Russia is still China's Security Council, standing by them on any issue.

Russia and China are the strongholds of the Communist Party. In the midst of this crisis, the two countries have been helping each other since the onslaught of the West. No money is being helped from America to Russia, and on the contrary, China has become an enemy of the world. That is why these two cornered countries have become friends of each other.

When the European Union accused China and Russia of keeping the Corona virus a secret, Russia's foreign minister helped China as well as his own country. China also questioned the origin of the corona virus. The Russian government at the time said that although the corona virus had spread from China, nothing could be said about its origin. Even at the UNSC, the friendship between the two countries was seen. From the very beginning of the UNSC meeting, China avoided the issue of corona virus and Russia also supported it.

When the Estonia Corona virus was discussed at the UNSC last month, China blocked it and Russia backed it. The friendship between China and Russia has grown because of the way the two countries have been cornered from the West in times of crisis. Russia's oil business has suffered a major setback due to the Corona virus. That's why Russia now wants to strengthen its reserves with the help of China. China, on the other hand, wants to grab someone by the hand in times of crisis. Despite previous conflicts, the two countries now stand side by side.