The whole world is tightening its grip on China, the old policy is being changed

Banglahunt Desk: In the case of India, China will no longer be able to do any direct trade in terms of foreign trade. Can't buy any shares. The consent of the Government of India must be taken. Various countries, including India, impose sanctions on China for the corona virus (covid-19). No Chinese company can buy any part. Britain's MPs take on this issue.

“There were some people in parliament who were compromising with the rules,” said Tom Tegantad, chairman of foreign affairs. But the government was not giving any impetus to them. Recently, China was on the move to capture the UK's imaging technology, so the move has been taken '.

India rules for Hong Kong on this side of China. There is no difference between China and Hong Kong. Because a large part of the sugar dwelling takes place through Hong Kong-er. So thinking that China could take advantage of this approach, the law was enacted on Hong Kong as well. China violated the rules of business in the world by changing India's FDI rules. This time India gave a strong answer on this issue. India says the rules that have come from the government have been approved.

There is no violation of WTMO rules at this time. India has taken the right step at the right time with regard to China's residence. After buying shares from HDFC, China wanted to buy VOLVO and HASSELBLAD outright. In these two companies, Chinese companies began to gain power over many years. But at the right time, India's move hurt China's groom. Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia have already taken this step. Many more countries are seeking to sever all ties with China.

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