The widow and the old woman set up a betting factory with their own hands

Kalipujo and the festival of light Diwali are coming up. There may not be people who have made bets on Kali Puja and Diwali but have not heard the name of Burima. Burima Fireworks Howrah's own domestic brand. Do you know the story behind this brand, that's what today's report is about.

Burima's real name is Annapurna Das, she was born in Faridpur. After independence, he had to leave his village of Faridpur and move to India. Due to partition, she had to take refuge with her six-year-old son in a refugee camp at Gangarampur in south Dinajpur. In 1947, the riot victim Annapurna arrived in the city of Kolkata from East Pakistan with her three children. He started selling vegetables in the market to run his stomach. He also opened a bidi factory with his own earnings.

In 1952, he moved to Belur. There he bought a small shop. In this shop he started selling toys and toys. He also started selling idols for Saraswati Pujo, kites for Bishwakarma Pujo and Baji for Kali Pujo on some special occasions. It was during this time that he learned to make fireworks from a craftsman in Bankra.

After that, the chocolate bomb made by Burima became so famous that she did not have to look back. He set up factories in Dunkuni, Talbandha and Sivakasi for a few days. Wordplay was banned a few years ago due to noise pollution. As a result, Burima's chocolate bomb is no longer available. But his company has grown so big that he is ruling the betting world right now. Every year thousands of traders from all over Bengal buy bets from his company. It is even exported outside Bengal